What a delicious recipe to make when you have eggplants lying around. This version is gluten-free and is pretty simple to make. You can also sub out some of the cheese I used and replace it with

What a great recipe to use up all your odds and ends vegetables that are lying around in the fride. You can also use frozen spinach, which will work just as well. A combination of fresh ,

It’s the latest trend, the Game Changer’s athletes’ choice, the planet savers’ contribution, and the plant -based burgers’ income. The real question is, what does science say about veganism and do we have enough conclusive evidence about

I always recommend to my patients, when planning their meals for the week, to make one dressing or dip on the weekends - when they might have time - and store it in the fridge. By doing

An easy, light chicken dish that will take under 20 minutes to prepare. The herbaceous and spicy chimichurri sauce can even be made in advance and stored in an airtight bottle in the fridge to be used

Anyone else feel as if they blinked and landed in 2020, with December holidays being a distant memory?! Many people take a good few weeks to find their feet in the new year and its already February.

This tropical salad is wonderful as an accompaniment to a braai or even a casual weeknight’s supper’s protein. The great thing about this salad is that it has both edamame beans and red kidney beans, which are

So many nourishing ingredients in one bowl!! This salad is great for entertaining, as part of a side dish. However, it can also be made on a hot and lazy Sunday afternoon when you can’t be bothered

There is nothing like a good dip for your nachos or vegetables crudites. The bonus with this dip is that it is filled with ingredients that offer so many deep nutritional benefits. Fennel is full of fibre

Ceviche is a fish dish, originating from Peru, whereby the fish is cured in citrus juice and then spruced up with some spice from chili, crunch from a variety of vegetables and freshness from herbs of your

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