So many nourishing ingredients in one bowl!! This salad is great for entertaining, as part of a side dish. However, it can also be made on a hot and lazy Sunday afternoon when you can’t be bothered

Crunchy. Zesty. Simply finger-licking good I cannot get enough of these chicken shnitzles. They are a perfect balance of nutty crunch and lemon zing. They are certainly a hit with adults who are watching their carbohydrate intake

As much as I am a summer kinda gal, I love the produce that every season has to offer. Oranges always seem like a boring bet when it comes to eating winter fruit, but there is so

Using zucchini noodles as a starch alternative is a great idea. In this recipe I have included many nourishing ingredients. Cooked tomatoes contain the bioactive lycopene, a strong anti-oxidant promoting compound which helps reduce cancer risk, especially

These summer rice wraps are one of my favourite dishes. Every time I go to a food market, these are my go-to food choice. They are light, crunchy and simple to make. What is great about this

Coming home late from work or looking for something quick and healthy to prepare? This Mediterranean style chicken breast dish is a one pot wonder. Cut up the veggies, make a smoky gravy-like sauce, place it all

This is my go-to recipe when we decide to have a braai. Its colourful, easy to eat, juicy and tasty. I use chicken breasts which is a great lean source of protein, filled with vitamin B, iron,

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