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Cooking Workshops & Culinary Genomics

What does this wealth of nutritional information mean if you are unable to translate it into food on your plate?  I often find that the struggle is not only with meal planning and preparation but also with how to be creative in the kitchen, while still incorporating all the guidelines and nutritional knowledge that you have gained.

Culinary Genomics combines genetic-based science with culinary skills, cooking up an opportunity for the food you eat to have a deeper conversation with your genes. It is the art of magnifying the medicinal potential of food and nutritional therapy through the inclusion and preparation of specific ingredients.

In my culinary workshops, you will:

  • Broaden your nutritional knowledge, learn which foods to eat, and how to prepare them to unlock their nutritional power.
  • You will master the art of preparing a dish that influences your genes and health in an optimal way.
  • Stimulate your creativity, learn new recipes, and gain new skills to prepare more wholesome meals.


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