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Hilit Milner RD(SA) is a Registered Clinical Dietitian and the founder of Sunrise By HM.

Hilit has an appetite for all things connected to nutrition, health, serenity and their close relationship with your mental well-being. She encourages patients to view themselves in a holistic manner and is a strong advocate of empowering people through scientifically based nutritional knowledge that can be used in both a practical and fun way. She believes that there are many inter-connected pieces to one’s health puzzle- genetics being one of them- and that only way to truly achieve long-lasting wellness is to understand your body and how it works . She believes that your relationship with food and your body is a fundamental element of your journey and that nutrition education, tools and support are essential in guiding you into the direction of optimized health.

Hilit has over 13 years of dieteitcs experience. She has an in-depth amount of clinical  work experience after having worked in a top South African private hospital for over 7 years. She has since been running her own private practice and is continuously expanding her knowledge and skills in the field of personalised, preventative nutrition and nutrigenomics.

She has a passion for holistic preventative personalised nutrition. She enjoys working in the fields of Nutrigenomics (genetic testing), culinary genomics, emotional eating, women’s health (nutrition in pregnancy, postpartum, PCOS, menopause), gut health, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. She also has a lot of experience in unpacking complex health pictures where patients present with multiple chronic diseases of lifestyle, such as renal, diabetes, cardiovascular health related disorders and weight loss. She is not only invested in how to solve your health problems and symptoms naturally through the food you eat and the way in which you live your life , but also in how to reach your goal and optimise your health and wellness.

Transforming her knowledge into delicious and wholesome foods in her kitchen is what really gets Hilit creatively salivating. Globetrotting, basking in nature, tasting new flavours and learning about a vast array of cultural cuisines and traditions is what fills her heart with joy and her dishes with spice.

Finding the balance in her life is her continuous purpose.  Inspiring people to do the same is her drive.

  • BSc, majors Biochemistry and Physiology (University of Witwatersrand)
  • BSc (MED) Honours in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Cape Town)
  • Manuka Translational Nutrigenomics (CTG)
  • Genomic Kitchen Pro Course (The Genome Kitchen)
  • Fundamentals of Culinary Genomics
  • Treating The Emotional Eater Course
  • Minding The Food Space & Mindful Eating
  • Health Professionals Council of South Africa (DT0040339)
  • Misrad Habriut Certified (Medical Professional Ministry of Health of Israel)
  • Association for Dietetics in South Africa
  • Board of Health Care Funders 0840000485896
  • Discovery Vitality Dietitian Network
  • 3×4 Genetics
  • DNAlysis
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