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Individual dietary consults

There seems to be a missing link in health and weight loss journeys today. It never surprises me how I, the dietitian, become the investigator, the food and body therapist, the educator, the culinary artist, and the supporter along patients’ road to their goals and their wellbeing.

I hear you AND I see you.


* You are feeling overwhelmed and lost as to which nutritional advice is for you.

* You are feeling failed by the conventional systems as no one can ‘get to the bottom’ of why you are feeling the way you are.

* You are exhausted and have wasted time, energy and money on conventional diets.

* You are constantly on the diet train and do not see any results and cannot figure out why.


I invite you to work with me and start viewing yourself, your health and your weight management goals in a different light. Allow me to show you how your weight loss goals are influenced by so much more than your calorie intake and where you may be going wrong. 

Allow me to help you unpack and re-organise your health puzzle, by prioritizing your key focus areas and giving you actionable steps that are relevant and personlised to you – your health conditions, lifestyle, dietary preferences, relationship with food and most of all your body’s needs.

By working with me, Sunrise by HMDietetics, you get a partner on your health journey that not only gives you all the scientific information needed for you in the way that you can understand, but also someone who sees you as a whole , celebrates your wins, listens and encourages you when you feel like you are lost and guides you every step of the way.

Working with Sunrise by HMDietetics means that you appreciate that both health and weight management is so much more than counting calories. It comes with the understanding that there is no one-size-fits all or quick fix to health or weight management journeys if you want long-lasting results. When we work together, we making adjustments to your dietary intake and lifestyle that optimises processes on a deeper level in the body and can even change the behavior of your genes; we address all factors that can influence your journey and we understand who you are and how your body works.

Sunrise by HMDietetics specialises in the field of:

  • Holistic personalised preventative nutrition. This often entails genetic testing which helps us take out the guesswork when it comes to the changes that need to be made to guide you on your weight management and health journey.
  • Management of complex health pictures and weight loss (autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, renal, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases)
  • Gut health (which is worked on with most patients)
  • Harnessing a healthy relationship with body and food (emotional eating)
  • Women’s health (pregnancy, PCOS, menopause)

Work With Me

Initial Consult (60minutes)

This is a detailed assessment which includes any relevant questions regarding your medical history, family history, blood results, lifestyle inputs (including stress, sleep, mood), gut health, dietary intake, eating habits and relationship with your body and food as well as personal goals and concerns. Many patients will also opt-in for the genetic testing option here, but it is not mandatory.

This is then followed by relevant nutrition education where you will understand key concepts and the physiology underlying your condition or concerns and we lay out some key focus areas and goals.

Within the first few days of your first consultation, a second consultation is made where your individualized meal plan and guidelines are provided. 

Meal Plan Collection/ Second Session (40-45minutes)

In this consulation, we will go through the top tips put together for you , as well as your personalised meal plan. Recipes will be given and we will put together a few short term goals which can be worked on in the week to follow. In this session we also introduce the concept of including more specific, targeted ingredients and nutrients needed to optimize physiological processes in the body. 

Follow-up visits (20-30 minutes)

These visits are a key component to your success and in ensuring that your goals are met.

In these sessions we discuss your progress, wins and challenges.

These sessions are designed not only to help track your progress, give you continuous support and motivate you, but they are very informative and always packed relevant nutritional education, tools and tips to further your understanding of how your body works and what changes you need to make in all areas that impact your health and weight management journey. Some even call these sessions their much needed nutritional therapy sessions.

Get more information on working 1:1 with Hilit as well as her consultation packages that offer you sessions at a discounted rate.

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