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Genetics Testing

Genetic–guided nutrition is the forefront of personalised health.

Your genes act like signposts both at the start of and along your journey, telling you which way to turn
to feel better and to achieve the health and weight management goals you desire.

Sunrise by HMDietetics uses state-of- the-art genetic testing that allows you to understand where there
may be strengths and inefficiencies in the way your genes behave and how this can impact both your
physical and emotional wellbeing.

It removes the guesswork from your health and weight management journey and gives you the answers
and understanding of who you are, how your body works and what your solution needs be to influence
the behaviour of your genes driving you to feel better, reach your desired health outcomes, longevity
and achieve your goals.

This is the science of Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics.

Benefits of Genetics Testing

A genetic test will give you insight into varying pathways namely:

– The way in which your body responds to and absorbs certain nutrients. 

– Key processes such as inflammation, detoxification, oxidative stress and more Factors that can influence your weight management and energy balance. 

– Pathways linked to chronic diseases like blood glucose control and cardiovascular health. 

– Emotional wellbeing, mood, behavior, and stress response strategies

 – Exercise that suits you best, fitness and training response as well as injury risk Brain, bone and hormone health

Where the power lies

Your genetic coding cannot be changed, BUT the behaviour of your genes can be optimized through the
choices you make- the food you eat, the lifestyle you lead and through particular supplement inclusions
where needed.

Your environment interacts with your genes, switching them on and off like light switches, resulting in a
particular health outcome. This means that your genes are not your destiny in this case and that the
power lies with you.

The test results are NOT diagnostic of any condition but rather give you the information needed for you
to make lifestyle and dietary changes that will have the greatest impact.

When you partner with Sunrise by HMDietetics you not only get an in-depth understanding of how your
body works, but you also get the “how to” when it comes to the environmental and dietary changes you
need to focus on to optimize gene behavior and bring about your balance.

Sunrise by HMDietetics combines your genetics roadmap together with your current and past medical
history, personal preferences, lifestyle, concerns and goals to give you targeted and accurate steps that
need to be made while you embark on your personalised health journey.

This is personalised, preventative nutrition at its best.

How Genetic testing works

Starts with an easy-to-do home DNA test kit

Receive an easy-to-use test kit that gets delivered to your home.

The kit is express-shipped back to the labs for analysis.  

Analysis and Feedback

Within 3-4 weeks receive your personalised genetics report.

Consult with Hilit and get key insights into how your body works and as well as personalised recommendations on changes that need to be made.


The roadmap and support on your journey

Using your personalised roadmap together with actionable steps, resources, recipes and support make the changes needed to reach your goal and optimise your health. Remember your DNA does not change so this will last you a lifetime.


what patients say

“I can only shower Hilit with praise and cannot thank you enough. Her methods have worked for me, I no longer walk about pulling my trousers up because they were too tight around my waist and slipping down, but rather pulling them up because they are too loose now. My clothes fit me again. I feel great. I feel more confident within myself and motivated. She never pressured me once and this was a very big plus and her willingness to explain how to plan each mealtime made the journey easier.  My weight loss journey was not without huge effort but without her help it would have been impossible to achieve what I’ve achieved “


“Hilit is the first dietician that I have ever been to (and trust me I have been to a lot) who I truly feel understands that there is such a vital link between weight loss and genetics and that its imperative to look at the individual’s health in their entirety.” As someone who has struggled with weight loss for as long as I can remember, I have been to so many dieticians that I would be able to convince anyone I am a dietitian myself. Hilit is the first person that I have ever worked with, that makes me feel like they truly understand the importance of looking at one’s health in totality and not just dishing out a diet”


“I have really loved working with Hilit. She is so knowledgeable and so willing to share her knowledge and learnings from her years of experience. She is very kind and compassionate, and her unbelievable knowledge of nutrition, combined with the insight from the genetic testing make this an incredibly useful and valuable process that I would highly recommend.”


“I have never felt stronger, more alert and healthier in many years”


“It’s been a privileged experience to be guided and advised by Hilit Miner. Her professionalism, attention to detail, depth of knowledge and holistic approach to wellness in general, coupled with her empathy and patience is remarkable. I have referred many other patients to her who have been equally impressed.”


“This journey with Hilit has been life-changing for me.  I had tried various other dieticians and health coaches over a number of years, with no results.  The way Hilit engages with me, with no judgment and complete support for my physical and emotional journey, was the thing that finally got me to change my relationship to food and a healthy lifestyle.  Her incredible knowledge and insight as well as her ability to explain my genetic roadmap has been a game-changer. She empowered me to continue the health journey on my own.  I am eternally grateful for Hilit’s constant support and encouragement throughout my journey.  I recommend her to anyone who is looking to lose weight, increase motivation, change their lifestyle, or learn about their body and genetics.”


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