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About Sunrise

Sunrise by HMDietetics is an  wellneshub, where you can truly find what feeds you. It’s where genomic science infuses with cooking, travel, culture, storytelling and all  things WHOLEsome.

It is not only a platform for you to relate to the challenges encountered on your journey to cultivating a balanced healthy lifestyle, but rather a space for you to gain the recipe needed to empower you to nourish yourself and to truly understand your body , how it works and how to optimise it’s functioning.

This entails, viewing your health in  a holistic manner, using your genetic roadmap to get a sense of where your body may need further support and learning how to achieve this through the foods you eat, the way you move, the language with which you talk to yourself and choices that you make in your day to day life.

It is a delicate blend of acting on your thirst  for being ‘in shape’ with the  ability to also stop, take a deep cleansing breath in, and steadily smell the roses along the way.

It is the decisions that we make today that determine in which state of mind, body and soul we will watch tomorrow’s sunrise.

Come on a journey of nutrition, wellness and balance with me and get a clear roadmap of how to personalise your journey to the sunrise. 

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