What a delicious recipe to make when you have eggplants lying around. This version is gluten-free and is pretty simple to make. You can also sub out some of the cheese I used and replace it with

Everyone struggles with breakfast during Pesach. Usual go-tos include matzah, egg matzah and the kosher for Pesach, high in sugar, Crispy-O’S . Many seem to struggle when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast on Pesach. This

When I travelled in South America, all they served for breakfast was apple and quinoa porridge. They mostly make it with a runnier consistency, where people can choose to drink it as a drink. In South America

The only thing to say about these macaroons is that they are simply delicious. The coconuty , cocoa flavour really hits the sweet spot. What a great option for a healthy, dessert. Cocoa is rich in polyphenols,

Using zucchini noodles as a starch alternative is a great idea. In this recipe I have included many nourishing ingredients. Cooked tomatoes contain the bioactive lycopene, a strong anti-oxidant promoting compound which helps reduce cancer risk, especially

The perfect snack or breakfast for you this Pesach! These muffins are not only kosher for Pesach, but they are gluten-free, low in carbohydrates and simple to make. Apples contain pectin, a natural fibre found in the

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