This tropical salad is wonderful as an accompaniment to a braai or even a casual weeknight’s supper’s protein. The great thing about this salad is that it has both edamame beans and red kidney beans, which are

So many nourishing ingredients in one bowl!! This salad is great for entertaining, as part of a side dish. However, it can also be made on a hot and lazy Sunday afternoon when you can’t be bothered

This recipe may not be for everyone’s palate, but if you are the adventurous type then you are going to love this!! I love exploring with a variety of flavors and creating strangely delicious dishes. I’m almost

This is my take on a Greek salad. Salty, sweet, creamy and simply mouth-watering. I love combining Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours as it always makes the food taste super interesting. On my recent trip to Greece,

Packed with nourishing ingredients, this salad is one for your genes. People often tell me that they find it hard to get in all those raw greens and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. They find

This recipe is a a great one to use when looking for something quick, fresh and delicious to prepare for a Rosh Hashana meal. It embraces all the ingredients that are traditionally used during this festive time.

What a delicious summer salad. Its light, fresh and full of colour. Nectarines are a great source of fibre. They contain a good dose of vitamin c, as well as potassium, lutein and B-carotene. These vitamins and

Earthy. Wholesome. Rich. Aromatic With its strong Middle Eastern Flair, this salad is nothing but hearty, nourishing and delicious. The pearl barley base pushes you in the right direction for good gut health and energy with its

Umami. Nutty. Crunchy. Oriental This salad has an oriental flair and satisfies all those nutty cravings. Sulforaphane on a plate is a great way to describe this dish. Filled with red cabbage, coriander, micro herbs and mint;

Juicy. Fresh. Salty. Sweet This salad is summertime on a plate. The memories of sitting on the beach, eating watermelon and feta cheese during my countless trips to Israel arouses a sense of delight and happiness in

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