During these times we are trying to limit our need to go to the shops, limit our time in the shops and trying to maximize the quality and lifespan of the food we buy. We want to

South Africans are now well on their way to laying down the tracks needed to steer our country away from the road of COVID ruin. This has been an extremely challenging time, but everyone is, in all

It’s the latest trend, the Game Changer’s athletes’ choice, the planet savers’ contribution, and the plant -based burgers’ income. The real question is, what does science say about veganism and do we have enough conclusive evidence about

Anyone else feel as if they blinked and landed in 2020, with December holidays being a distant memory?! Many people take a good few weeks to find their feet in the new year and its already February.

Are you a grazer? Do you find yourself constantly grazing your way through the day? Just like there isn’t a one-size-fits all when it comes to what foods people can tolerate and breakdown well, so too many

I cannot believe that is was already last year when I wrote about eating mindfully during the festive season. I also shared some of my tips for a December holiday. Alas, there is always more to say

Let’s talk about Total daily Energy expenditure. The amount of energy (Kcal) you burn in a day is known that your Total Energy Expenditure and it is made up of 3 main parts: *Resting Energy Expenditure How

“Don’t have more than three eggs per week”, “Have as many eggs as you like”, “Only have the egg white and not the yolk”. Well. Which one is it, because this is damn confusing! It’s amazing how

The collagen supplement market is booming with people using it to prevent sports injuries, improve muscle mass, enhance skin elasticity and strengthen hair and nails. But do you know what collagen is, how it’s produced in the

Recently, I have been doing talks for parents at school and in the workspace on how to create healthy little eaters. Every parent wants their child to be healthy and happy. The question is, as a parent,

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