This weather can sometimes be confusing, one week it feels like summer is around the corner while the next there is a significant chill in the air. This soup is very versatile and while it offers some

This creamy cauliflower soup will warm you up from the outside in and the inside out. Starting with the base we have our allium vegetables – onions, leeks and garlic. These are not only packed with prebiotic

All you need for this soup is a good blender and all the ingredients, of course. On a hot summers day, all anyone feels like is something cold, tangy and refreshing. No one wants to stand for hours

Last winter, I made a very similar soup to this one. It’s amazing how many variations of one soup can be made, just by switching one or two ingredients. What’s useful with this soup, is that it’s

Bugs Bunny, one of the most beloved cartoon characters, is not the only one who is a great fan of carrots, and for good reason. Carrots, a healthy root vegetable, are a very good source of beta

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