It often happens that the things which we are most passionate about, the things about which we have the strongest views – are the ones which we struggle with the most. As we challenge ourselves to implement our passions, we often make mistakes, at times learning more challenging lessons along the way than others, and so we grow.

Balance for me is definitively one of those things. 

Balance. What is this concept we all attempt to achieve and constantly talk about. Balance

From a young age I was very active and involved at school; from running, netball, swimming, playing tennis, participating in all the school plays and even trying out for the debate team once or twice. In high school I found myself hastily changing in the car out of my sports uniform for ballet, from there speeding off to flamenco and arriving home late in the afternoon, or at times evening, to focus on my studies as I always strove to do well. Of course these were all activities I wanted to do and really enjoyed . They were never forced upon me and I am grateful that I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to partake in them. After a while, however, I remember it becoming an obligation from time to time and something I started to resent instead of enjoy.

It was the pressure and the rat race that got to me. As I got older the pressure I put on myself intensified as I felt more accomplished the more I achieved, and I absorbed the subconscious pressure that was exuded by society, my peers and educators. Seeping through this, the weight of what I ate, how I looked and felt in a crowd gradually became heavier as this began to fall in the unwritten category of “social requirements” needed to be the best “all-rounder” I could be.

Since I can remember I have had a love for food, which was probably inherited from my grandmother and further flourished by my mother. This love was later met with a fascination for all things medicine- related. I do wonder, however, whether my attraction to dietetics and food strengthened as a result of my awareness of the imbalanced interest I had in my own body perception, and the food I was eating at such a young age. Knowing now what I do , about the undeniable role that food has in nourishing our body, it is so clear to me that my love for food and dietetics is only enhancing my belief in a balanced lifestyle, especially balanced eating.

It is the constant running, the stresses of today that don’t allow us to stop from time to time and appreciate the journey rather than the destination. It’s so hard to be accepting of who we are, as we are and just be grateful.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for change especially when it comes to ensuring that we look after our health and well-being.

I am your number one motivator, encouraging you to get off your backsides, keep moving, be aware of the foods you are consuming and prevent the diseases with which we are plagued with in our day and age. We also, however, have to ensure we do it in a kind and healthy way and it sometimes requires reminders for some of us to crawl back to middle ground and find the balance. For some, this may mean finding equilibrium between your brain and body, as you constantly nag yourself and analyse what you do, instead of just feeling at ease with your efforts and trying harder next time.  As cliche as it sounds it’s about emphasizing the EX in extreme as either end of the spectrum can harm our body, mind and soul.

I know that there is no better feeling than achieving a goal we have set our mind out to do , and that hard work to achieve that goal, be it weight loss, work orientated , social or just a general well-being goal, is very necessary!

If we burning ourselves out to get to our goal, how much are we enjoying it in the end and what level of work is needed to sustain it?! Where does it end?

The question is… how do we make it as much about the journey as we do the destination and find enjoyment and balance within it all?

It’s my aspiration and, at times, my struggle to find the balance through my profession, the life I lead and lessons which I have learnt and am yet to learn.

With it, I bring to you the passion, the knowledge and dietetic facts of food and health, the recipes, stories and tales….

Come with me on a journey of nutrition, wellness and balance. 

Nourish yourself to the sunrise.

Written with love ,
Sunrise by HM

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