I love this post I found the other day.

Now let there be no confusion; as my role as a clinical Dietitian I am most certainly not suggesting that the information in this resource is scientifically-based, nor am I suggesting that we should all become members of the Santa Clarita Diet cast and transform into human-flesh eating zombies by night.  I did, however, find it quite humorous in that it simply is funny and sadly quite true.

Being in my profession, I could resonate with many of the images, and recall the countless times I have been asked what latest diet or magic pill could be used to catalyze a weight loss reaction.

It scares me to think how much nutrition misinformation is out there and how hard it has become to decide what you should or shouldn’t believe. How do you know what is a reliable source and whether the advice provided is going to help or harm you at the end of the day? It is also important to remember that not one person is the same, and therefore the nutritional advice and information provided is also generally not the same for everyone.

Ultimately, “Can you tell if this is a real diet, fad or something we just made up? Or you can skip the confusion” and chat to me.

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