A focus on personalized preventative nutrition. Learn how to best nourish your body and mind, based on your individual nutritional and lifestyle needs. Value the power that specific nutrients have on improving deep metabolic processes and the ripple effect it has into your everyday life, goals, the way you feel and your long-term health. Enhance your culinary skills and unlock the nutritional potential of foods. Join me on a journey of discovering how to nourish yourself through the foods you eat, the way you move, the language with which you talk to yourself, and the way with which you whet your mental and spiritual appetite.


An opportunity to help you find your balance. This encompasses tweaking imbalances within each cell; creating nutritional harmony in your body; harnessing your emotional well-being and embracing the fact that life should be about balance, and this too translates into how we relate to our body and food. Sunrise is here to give you the recipe needed to overcome challenges encountered on your journey to cultivating a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Sunrise by HM Dietetics sees you in your entirety and understands that there may be many stones that have been turned and need to be turned in your journey to wellness. This holistic approach, that too can be guided by your genes, takes the guesswork out of which path you need to take to achieve your state of optimal wellness now and in the future. It is a journey that considers an array of factors that contribute to your well-being and allows you to implement preventative, personalized nutrition to reach your goals and optimize your health.


About me

I am Hilit Milner – registered clinical dietitian and founder of Sunrise by HMDietetics.  I have been working in the field of dietetics for over 13 years. Prior to opening my own private practice, I worked in a large private hospital which not only gave me a strong clinical background, but also motivated me to specialize in the area personalised preventative nutrition. I strongly believe that health needs to be looked at as a big puzzle and that we can achieve your goals and optimize your well-being by working in a holistic and specific-to-you manner.  My journey, knowledge and experience is what allows me to help you today. 

Work With Me

If you are sick of not knowing where to start, or which direction to turn, when it comes to your  health and wellness goals let your genetic roadmap be your signpost that guides you on a journey to be the best version you can be to watch tomorrow’s sunrise.

Stop fad dieting and approach weight management with intention

You’ve tried a lot of diets in the past, but none have really “worked” long-term.

You need a personalized plan, with the understanding of your own body’s makeup.

Stop jumping on a diet-binge train  (because it’s so much more than calorie restriction!

Realize the vital role your genes play in influencing your physical, mental health and weight loss journey

Make dietary and lifestyle changes specific to your genetic roadmap in a balanced way

Get to the bottom of your complex chronic disease picture

You want to finally get to the root cause of your symptoms so you feel better.

Stop the guesswork and get a custom plan that addresses your complex health puzzle, even if you have multiple conditions.

Understand HOW your body works, WHY you are struggling and WHAT changes to make.

Finally get clarity on which direction you need to turn to fine tune your goals and optimize your health


what patients say

“I can only shower Hilit with praise and cannot thank you enough. Her methods have worked for me, I no longer walk about pulling my trousers up because they were too tight around my waist and slipping down, but rather pulling them up because they are too loose now. My clothes fit me again. I feel great. I feel more confident within myself and motivated. She never pressured me once and this was a very big plus and her willingness to explain how to plan each mealtime made the journey easier.  My weight loss journey was not without huge effort but without her help it would have been impossible to achieve what I’ve achieved “


“Hilit is the first dietician that I have ever been to (and trust me I have been to a lot) who I truly feel understands that there is such a vital link between weight loss and genetics and that its imperative to look at the individual’s health in their entirety.” As someone who has struggled with weight loss for as long as I can remember, I have been to so many dieticians that I would be able to convince anyone I am a dietitian myself. Hilit is the first person that I have ever worked with, that makes me feel like they truly understand the importance of looking at one’s health in totality and not just dishing out a diet”


“I have really loved working with Hilit. She is so knowledgeable and so willing to share her knowledge and learnings from her years of experience. She is very kind and compassionate, and her unbelievable knowledge of nutrition, combined with the insight from the genetic testing make this an incredibly useful and valuable process that I would highly recommend.”


“I have never felt stronger, more alert and healthier in many years”


“It’s been a privileged experience to be guided and advised by Hilit Miner. Her professionalism, attention to detail, depth of knowledge and holistic approach to wellness in general, coupled with her empathy and patience is remarkable. I have referred many other patients to her who have been equally impressed.”


“This journey with Hilit has been life-changing for me.  I had tried various other dieticians and health coaches over a number of years, with no results.  The way Hilit engages with me, with no judgment and complete support for my physical and emotional journey, was the thing that finally got me to change my relationship to food and a healthy lifestyle.  Her incredible knowledge and insight as well as her ability to explain my genetic roadmap has been a game-changer. She empowered me to continue the health journey on my own.  I am eternally grateful for Hilit’s constant support and encouragement throughout my journey.  I recommend her to anyone who is looking to lose weight, increase motivation, change their lifestyle, or learn about their body and genetics.”


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